KD Smart Chair Review: What You Need To Know


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The advent of modern technology has proven to be very beneficial to modern man. New developments in the field of medicine and medical technology have led to a lot of breakthroughs, allowing people to overcome debilitating diseases, among others. It has also allowed people to overcome physical disabilities that would’ve stopped normal people from functioning.

There have been improvements not only in medicines that are available to us but also in the medical devices that have the potential to save lives. Longer lasting lithium ion batteries, lightweight metal alloys, smaller and yet more powerful engines, these are just some of the important technological advancements that directly affects the medical world.

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Now, although there have been lots of changes to medical devices, most of them have retained their original form and function. For example: wheelchairs. These devices have been in existence for a very long time but have only seen some significant developments very recently. Nowadays, we have the motorized or electrical version of the wheelchair. This makes it easier for people who have the incapacity to use their limbs for upright movement.


A Revolutionary and Amazing Product

There are many manufacturers out there that offer electronic or motorized wheelchairs, but perhaps out of the multitudes of companies that have this product, there is none like the KD Smart Chair.

The KD Smart Chair is a revolutionary approach to the electronic or motorized wheelchair and it has a lot of improvements. The KD Smart chair is smaller, lighter, more portable and more powerful than other motorized wheelchairs in the same category as it is.

One of the things that make the KD Smart Chair stand out from the rest is how it looks. At first glance, it is a very sleek and small unit that truly benefits from modern technology’s miniaturization of otherwise bulky items in the past like batteries. Gone are the days of acid batteries, instead, lithium ion batteries are here now and they are offering a lot more energy without the excess weight. The KD Smart chair comes with two batteries and they are inserted into the posts, hiding them in plain view of other people. Very convenient as the strategic placement of the batteries allow for more room below the seat where traditional batteries were often placed in the past.

These batteries can last up to 15 miles on a single charge and if you purchase additional batteries, you can even extend that just by simply removing the spent ones and replacing them with the additional batteries that you brought along with you on the trip.

The KD Smart Chair uses brushless motors which allow it to achieve speeds of up to 6 mph. This may not seem much but if you ever strap yourself into a KD Smart Chair and push it to the limit, you’ll realize that it is pretty fast for something so small. And that’s the reason these electronic wheelchairs have seatbelts built into them as a standard feature. The small engines which are assigned to each back wheel are powerful enough to carry loads up to a pound shy of 370. That means, if you’re an average sized person, you can still carry around extra stuff along with you. This should make it perfect for those short grocery trips you can now do on your own.

The turning radius on this device is pretty tight which allows for easy turning in confined spaces. Or you could simply just pull back on the joystick and start going in reverse. Going up ramps is also an easy feat on the KD Smart Chair. As an added bonus, it can even go off road. The large rear wheels and excellent ground clearance allows for short trips off the beaten path which gives you more options for freedom of mobility. The large rear wheels are tall and wide enough not to get stuck in unpaved terrain which allows you to cover more ground than what you would otherwise achieve when using a normal wheelchair or motorized wheel chair.

The large rear wheels are made of tough rubber, while the front smaller wheels are made of a polyurethane compound. These are easily replaceable should they get damaged over time from wear and tear.

The joystick which controls all movement on the KD Smart Chair is pretty intuitive and has all the needed indicators to tell you what’s happening like how much charge you have left and just how fast you’re going. It can also be mounted just about anywhere you please. This is especially helpful since there may be times when you don’t want to use the arm rests and decide to put them away.

Parts of the KD Smart Chair can be removed if you don’t want to use them to also lighten the total weight of the unit. This will need some modifications which you can easily do. And since KD Smart Chair also promotes good hygiene, the fabric attached to the device can conveniently be removed for easy cleaning.

When you’re done playing with your KD Smart Chair, you can easily fold it down and lift it up and place it into a normal sized trunk. Now, that’s not a typographical error, lift it up and normal sized trunk were mentioned in the same sentence. You see, the KD Smart Chair has the ability to fold down to an even smaller frame. And at barely 50 pounds of total weight, you don’t need an electronic lift to place it inside your vehicle! That is one of the main selling points the KD Smart Chair has!

And what’s the best thing about the KD Smart Chair? Hands down, it would have to be the price. At a very affordable price, this is what allows the KD Smart Chair to trump the competition. You can even have a financial scheme written up for you so you can pay for it in installments!

And that’s what makes the KD Smart chair truly incredible! An affordable device that allows for full mobility equipped with all the latest technological advancements in a small and powerful package.

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