Top 5 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

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Shopping for groceries is a must for any household. When such times arise, there is also a need to review your budget and how much you’re allotting for your groceries. Buying groceries shouldn’t cut a great deal from your regular budget. There are certain ways to save when you’re shopping, and these tips could help you take home a portion of your budget.

Scan weekly advertisements in newspapers. Though they don’t have coupons for discounts, these print advertisements usually tell you which supermarkets will be holding a great sale. You can actually save up to 50 percent if you quickly head to grocery stores with such discounts. It would also help if you shop at night or nearly closing time. There are supermarkets that sell their products at great discounts during these periods. This is especially true for produce and bread, which are perishable goods.

Buy generic brands instead of name brands. Some supermarkets sell their own brands and these are cheaper than name brands. According to experts, you could save up to 25 percent just by buying store brands. You get the same product for the same size and quality, plus you keep a few pennies for yourself.

Use cash instead of your debit or credit card. You know how easy it is to spend using your card. You will also have to pay the interest in doing so. One trick is to plan ahead and determine how much you’d be paying for your groceries. Purchase them using cash so that it is easy for you to discard items which may seem unimportant and out of the budget. Paying by cash also keeps you from overspending. Stick to your list and avoid aisles that contain your “favorite items.” These favorite items may be items of luxury, and thus are not needed at the moment. If you are easily distracted by new products, avoid them, too, unless you can save more by buying them instead.

Use simple ingredients for your recipes. Unless you want each meal to be a model of the one served in a fine dining restaurant, keep your ingredients simple so you could buy them at a cheaper cost. You don’t have to buy wine for your steak if spices and other condiments would do. There is nothing wrong with buying these stuff for preparing delectable meals, but if you’re on a tight budget, you could save those meals for special occasions instead.

Take advantage of store coupons. Some stores stock up on coupons which you could use to buy your grocery items at a more budget-friendly price. Some coupons would award you with 25 to 50% off the original cost. If you have enough shopping coupons, you could save as much as half of the original budget you allotted. Another tip is to wait until an item is on sale and then buy it using the manufacturer’s coupon. However, some supermarkets may be strict about this. But if you’re lucky, you could try pairing items with a few coupons. Take note, though, that you may use only one coupon per product.

Top Five Extreme Couponing Tips

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Stacking up on coupons is one of the ways to save when you are buying or shopping for groceries.

While coupons entail a lot of cutting (which means it’s a lot or work!), you can save a great deal if you have enough coupons to take with you as you shop.

Imagine saving up to 50 percent of your allotted budget for an item.

For newbies, here are top five extreme tips on using shopping coupons to get your started:

1. Spend your weekends cutting out coupons

This activity is not for the lazy. If you’re bent on saving a lot during your next trip to the supermarket, make time for cutting out coupons. One newspaper is not enough to search for coupons. Ask your colleagues, family, and friends for other issues of dailies and magazines and start your hunt for these coupons. You would find a lot in Sunday newspapers and you could even get unused copies. More copies would mean you could get more coupons. There are also online resources and raffle draws for promo codes.

2. Identify what kind of couponer you are: casual, skilled, or extreme.

If you’re an extreme couponer, you are ready to get hold of coupons and not just pair them with discounted items, but also to stockpile them. The extreme couponer keeps two kinds of coupons: the manufacturer’s coupons and the store coupons. If you want to save a lot on your next purchase, get as many coupons as you can and bring them with you during your next visit to the supermarket.

3. Use a spreadsheet for your coupons

This really does sound extreme, but nothing beats organizational skills in identifying the purpose of the coupon, when it’s going to be used, any terms and/or conditions, in which supermarket or product it is applicable, and other details relevant to the use of the coupon. This is a great practice for beginners, especially of you want to be careful with the spending of your coupons. It will also help you recall when the coupons would be expiring. Using a spreadsheet will help you save time.

4. Plan your purpose when shopping

To ensure that you won’t overspend your coupons on items that you don’t really need, have a clear purpose of what you want to buy. Stay away from marketing ploys and stick to your budget list. Get inside the supermarket, get the deals using your coupons, and get out of the establishment — FAST.

5. Identify your price points

These price points are the maximum price, which means it is the highest price that an item costs; the average price, which is normal price point for an item; the stock-up price, which is also known as the rock-bottom price; and the deal price, which means that the item is on sale. If you know your price points, you can easily organize your coupons and you would know which coupon to use for a certain price point. It’s called strategic shopping and being a wise consumer!

Products with High Markup Prices and How to Avoid Them

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The market is teeming with skyrocketing prices of products. Unfortunately, these are products that you need every day, and are therefore indispensable. On the other hand, there are some tried and tested tips to save up on the expenses.

  1. Buy refilled ink instead of the usual cartridge printer ink. The latter is so expensive, not to mention impractical especially if you use the ink every day for document purposes. What makes it more impractical to use is that you’d have to buy cartridge after cartridge of ink once one gets used up. To save up, buy refilled cartridges instead. They are a lot cheaper though the quality is good.
  2. Forget your bottled water. The manufacturing adds to the cost, and you are not helping the environment if you keep buying bottles of water daily. An alternative is to keep a tumbler with you and have it refilled in the office. You save a lot of money and you make Mother Nature happy, too.
  3. Purchase your own coffee beans pack and brew it in the office instead of ordering a Starbucks latter, which is overpriced.
  4. Make your own perfume. A signature scent or perfume costs dollars and may not be practical especially if you want to wear that scent every day. However, through chemical tests and learning how to concoct perfumes from raw oils, you can learn how to create that signature scent and even create one close to those luxurious perfumes endorsed and used by celebrities.
  5. Get generic names for drugs and medicine instead of the branded ones that are found to be thrice the cost of their generic counterparts. A caveat, though: find or buy ones from trusted and reputable pharmacies and as much as possible, buy those that were recommended or prescribed by the doctor.
  6. Subscribe to an unlimited text messaging service, instead of paying for individual texts. Some network service providers have promos like this, which is really meant to take off half the burden from their loyal consumers.
  7. College textbooks and other instructional materials cost $1000 if they are to be bought altogether. Some students are self-supporting and may find this setup heavy on the budget, especially for those references that they would use only once. The trick is to rent books or buy marked down ones. You can purchase the latter from thrift stores. These pre-loved books are often in good condition and are sold at a much cheaper price.
  8. Who needs designer clothes when you can shop at thrift stores instead? You do get designer labels, but since these are hand-me-down articles, their prices have been cut off. Just be careful and check any signs of damage.
  9. Produce can be costly if they are bought at your regular supermarket. To save up on vegetables and fruits, you can buy cheaper ones at your local market. The difference won’t be too big, but when you add all the prices, you will be able to set aside an amount for your next shopping.

Har Vokse Review


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A Detailed Har Vokse Hair Spray and Supplement Review

What Is Har Vokse?

A hair care product brand that is designed to provide the following for the hair:

  • Protection and strength to existing hair strands
  • New hair growth on empty hair follicles

Each order includes one hair growth spray and a bottle of hair care supplements. Both the hair spray and the supplements are to be taken twice daily. The hair spray needs to be sprayed onto towel-dried hair. The capsules can be taken at any time during the day. However, it is best to take one capsule in the morning and another in the evening. This significantly reduces the timeline between each supplement intake.

People who have already tried using Har Vokse report that they’ve noticed improvements in the thickness and consistency of their hair after just a week.

What Makes It Work?

The product boasts of four primary ingredients:

  1. Camellia Sinensis – this is the primary ingredient used for various types of teas such as oolong tea and white, yellow, and green teas. Everyone is pretty much well aware of the benefits that tea can provide for the body. For one thing, tea leaves contain high levels of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants effectively help tea-drinkers avoid the negative effects of various diseases. As a matter of fact, drinking a cup of tea daily has been known to keep certain diseases away. These diseases include cardiovascular ailments like asthma and angina pectoris. When it comes to caring for the hair, the anti-oxidant properties of tea leaves help ensure that free radicals wouldn’t be able to do any damage to the hair follicles. When the follicles are healthy, it is then able to produce healthier and stronger hair.
  1. Centella Asiatica – this is more commonly known as gotu kola and has been used by various ancient cultures as a medicinal plant. It is also a primary ingredient in various Asian cuisines and is served as a refreshing juice drink in Thailand. It is believed to contain anti-aging properties and is also used for treating diabetes, hypertension. Gotu Kola is also a primary ingredient for various topical ointments that are used for dressing skin wounds. As a hair growth treatment, Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica also helps nourish the hair follicles. It effectively treats any damage that the follicles may have suffered due to incorrect hair care practices. Sometimes, the damage may have been caused by a lack of sufficient nourishment.
  1. Coffee Arabica Seeds – coffee has had a long and often contentious relationship with health buffs. A lot of health-conscious individuals steer clear of it because of its negative side effects. But it still managed to maintain its wide following especially among the harried office workers who need to stay awake while on the job. Despite all the debate, there is one truth that stands out: raw coffee beans are a rich source of anti-oxidants.Raw coffee beans also promote proper blood circulation. Harnessing the natural properties of Coffee Arabica Seeds for hair care products can actually do wonders for the follicles. Because the seeds are used on the spray, this means that consumers wouldn’t have to worry about the much-debated negative side effects of ingesting coffee beans in the form of a mug of warm coffee.
  1. Folic Acid – folic acid is a nutrient that is mostly associated with pregnant women. It is the first thing that an OB prescribes as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. But aside from its benefits to the growing fetus, folic acid is also quite valuable for maintaining the health of the hair and its follicles. Its primary function is to promote the healthy growth of the tissues of the skin, nails, and hair. This is achieved by regulating the production of red blood cells. Each of these ingredients can be taken individually as vitamin supplements. But these have been combined into the Har Vokse hair care system so that consumers would be able to obtain the full benefits.

Pricing Information

A three-month supply of the Har Vokse hair growth spray and supplement can be a bit expensive. The current price range is at around $126 to $130 on various online stores. However, the money that you pay for the product would not be in vain. It has been given 4 to 5-star ratings by several other consumers who have already tried using the product. These ratings are testament to the effectiveness of the product in being true to its promise.

One thing that has convinced a lot of other consumers to buy the 3-month supply is the fact that it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. They can try using it for 60 days. If they should find the product ineffective, they can contact the store’s customer support department to process a return kit and to have their money refunded.

One tip from expert shoppers is not to order from the first online store that you come into contact with. It is best to buy Har Vokse via the official website as you are most likely to get a genuine product and also the best deal.

Customer Support

Customers who need to contact somebody who is knowledgeable about Har Vokse Hair Spray and Supplement doesn’t have to blindly grope around for contact details. A lot of well-established online stores provide various means for customers to contact them. One of the most common contact points is via a live chat agent that automatically pops up while the customer is browsing through the site.

Another option is to call the toll-free number that is often placed at the uppermost right-hand corner of the screen. For returns, the customer would usually be provided with a return kit and the shipping details provided while the return order is being processed. The fastest way for getting a response if you have product-specific questions is to chat with the live agent. The response is often instantaneous so no need to wait around for hours just to get the answers you need.

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