5 Things you should Start Doing Right Now to Save on Christmas Gifts

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Trying to save money during the Christmas season is a skill that most people haven’t mastered yet despite many attempts. Shopping is a must during Christmas but there are things that you can do to save on Christmas gifts. Here are some useful money saving tips that you can use.

1. Plan a List of People and Follow a Budget

You are not obliged to give a present to every single person you’ve been acquainted with. Likewise, it’s not your responsibility to please them with expensive gifts. Start by making a list of family members to whom you want to give a present to. Allocate a certain range of amount for each person. Remember that it’s alright to spend a little more on people who are fond of you. However, it’s important to stick to your budget. Setting up a budget gives you an overview of how much you will spend on gifts alone.

2. Save Money for Gifts

Take a look at the list you just made. Perhaps, you want to give a few people something special or expensive. As early as possible, you can start saving spare change and small bill denominations in a jar daily. Only open the jar once you’re prepared to shop for gifts. Creating a separate pool of funds for Christmas gifts prevents you from getting overwhelmed by sudden Christmas shopping expenses. To even squeeze in more money into your savings, you can start deciding how to cut your daily expenses. Try bringing packed lunch for work instead of dining outside or bringing your own water instead of buying drinks from convenience shops.

3. Start Window Shopping

Window shopping trains you to control your shopping impulses and gives you an idea of what gifts you can buy for your loved ones. Take time to visit the mall and novelty shops you used to just pass by in a hurry. You may unexpectedly spot a one-of-a-kind marked down item that fits your budget for someone in your list.

4. Go DIY

You can save some money by putting your creative skills into good use. Making your DIY Christmas gift personalized like inscribing the recipient’s initials and using their favorite color will help make your gift appear more valuable. Now, you don’t have to be that someone who always gives cheap gifts. Create something useful like personalized mugs, coasters, clock and soaps, or resin jewelry. The possibilities are endless. People tend to value personalized gifts because they feel a connection with them. DIY gifts are never meaningless gifts.

5. Always Opt for Useful Gifts

Take time to list down the simple things that that person likes. This doesn’t mean that you would give them cheap office appliances. Rather, look into their hobbies and preferences. Your money is going to waste if you bought a meaningless and useless gift that the recipient finds irrelevant in their life. It would be better to look beyond the glitz of gift items and ask yourself how that person will benefit from your gift. Seeing them actually use your gift gives a bang to your buck better than any discount can give.